Good Funeral Awards 2017

We are thrilled to announce we have been voted ‘Best coffin supplier’ for 2017 by The Good Funeral Awards. We were singled out for our fantastic customer feedback and attention to detail of which we are very proud.

National Association of Funeral Directors

Established in 1905, the NAFD represents the interests of the entire spectrum of funeral directing businesses – including independent businesses, the Co-operative and other major funeral groups – who conduct in excess of 80% of UK funerals every year.

Coffin Casket and Shroud Association

Setting the standard for all coffins, caskets and shrouds sold in the UK, in particular those used for cremation and to encourage manufacturers of these products to adopt more green-minded practices in all aspects of their work.

Association of Green Funeral Directors

Working to help members of the public find funeral homes in their area which are willing to provide greener options in the funerals they carry out. In addition the AGFD works to encourage funeral directors to become more green-minded in all aspects of their work and help bring natural funerals into the mainstream.

Investors in People

The internationally recognised standard in people management defining what it means to lead, support and manage people well for sustainable results.

World Fair Trade Organisation

The World Fair Trade Organisation is a global network of organisations representing the Fair Trade supply chain. Membership in WFTO organisations with credibility and identity by way of an international guarantee system, a place of learning, provides tools and training to increase market access, and creates a common voice that speaks out for Fair Trade and trade. Members must demonstrate 100% commitment to Fair Trade and apply the 10 WFTO Principles of Fair Trade to their supply chain. The works and achievements of its members make WFTO a global authority on Fair Trade and a guardian of Fair Trade values and principles.

The Good Funeral Guild

An association with an aim to create change in the funeral industry. Offering the opportunity for exchange of ideas between funeral professions while nurturing, supporting and encouraging progressive practice among undertakers and ceremony leaders. Raising public awareness of end-of-life and funeral consumer issues and lobbying HM Government and the funeral industry’s trade associations in support of the interests of funeral consumers.